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There are 5 playable tribes and two non-playable tribes in Travian.

The playable tribes are the Romans, the Gauls, the Teutons, the Huns, and the Egyptian.

The player may expand their realm by founding new villages, or by conquering other players' villages.

Players can communicate with each other using in-game messages, and may join alliances for military and economic co-operation with other players.

Natarian villages may hold ancient artefacts which give bonuses to those who possess them.

Resources are produced by the resource fields that surround each settlement; their output can be increased by upgrading the fields and by capturing nearby oases.

There are four kinds of resources in Travian: wood, clay, iron and crop.

It is possible to capture animals from oases and use them as defensive units.

Developing villages and training units consume resources.

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