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The point is that Hideyoshi was nowhere near Nagoya when the Matsura and the invasion force departed.Letters and other contemporary documents show he was still well over a week away.However, research is only the beginning-how it is used and interpreted is by far the most important part of the academic equation.Swope falls well short in this aspect, making the evidence fit his foredrawn conclusion (that the Ming army was a highly advanced and capable war machine that was the primary cause of the Japanese defeat) rather than let the facts lead him to one.Of the Chinese defenders of Namwon Swope writes “The overmatched defenders somehow managed to hold out against incredible odds for four days”, but the Japanese defenders of Ulsan are dismissed as “crumbling and they were on the verge of capitulating”.One would never suspect that the Chinese were routed by the Japanese in both battles.These works are considered outdated by the Japanese historical community and (in Murdoch’s case) largely of only historiographical use.Swope also curiously addresses sources and issues that haven’t been advanced by academia for many years-most notably the claim that the Japanese lost the war only due to the death of Hideyoshi, something that no scholar has seriously considered for years.

Despite all this, Swope has certainly done his homework and brought quite a bit of material to the table.

There are fully 26 pages of works citied as sources, providing many excellent avenues of study for readers.

As will be discussed later, the preponderance of Chinese sources works against it to a degree.

Kenneth Swope’s new book on the Bunroku/Keicho No Eki (the Japanese invasions of Korea in 15) carries the title of another Japanese name for the conflict: “A Dragon’s Head and A Serpent’s Tail”, referring to something that has an impressive beginning but no real end.

It’s an inspired title, easily the best among English language books on the war (if only because Stephen Turnbull’s publishers nixed the ‘Hunting the Tiger’ title Turnbull had originally planned for ‘Samurai Invasion’).

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